About Us

Our Story

Years ago, after my mother passed, I inherited a large box containing a variety of antiquated media footage and had no idea what was on them.  I had to find out what was on them to discover what her motivation was to keep them all those years.  Some were labeled, which gave me a clue, but others were not.  I didn't own a VCR let alone a film projector so how was I going to view these pieces of family history?  Finally, I set my mind to preserve those memories and I ordered all the equipment necessary to make my goal a reality.  It was worth every moment.  Not only did I create access to those memories digitally, I also no longer had to lug well over 60 different reels and tapes with me every time the Air Force decided it was time to move.  I was also able to share these memories with my siblings who were stationed around the country at the time. 

Fast forward 10 years, other family members have come forward with priceless footage I've been able to help preserve.  We're just a small family-owned business in Jonesborough, TN, but preserving memories is very serious work for us.  We are as sentimental as they come, and we hope to help you keep a piece of the past closer to your heart.