VHS/VHS-C Conversion

to DVD                            $25 per Tape 

to Digital*                      $20 per Tape

to Digital & DVD $30 per Tape

Additional DVD copy $5 per Tape

Mini DVD/Mini DV Tape Conversion

to DVD                            $25 per Mini DVD/DV Tape

to Digital*                      $20 per Mini DVD/DV Tape

to Digital & DVD $30 per Mini DVD/DV Tape

Additional DVD copy $5 per Mini DVD/DV Tape

Audio Cassette

to Digital*                      $15 per Cassette Tape

to CD                              $15 per Cassette Tape

Additional CD copy $5 per Cassette Tape

Audio Editing $10 per Cassette Tape

Super 8/8mm Conversion

to DVD                            $25 per Reel

to Digital*                        $20 per Reel

to Digital & DVD $30 per Reel

Additional DVD copy $5 per Reel

Super 8/8mm Cleaning/Repair

  $10 per Reel

VHS Tape Repair

                                   $10 per Tape

35mm Slide/Film Negative Conversion 

        $ 0.25 per 35mm slide/35mm negative image 

      $ 3.00 per medium format negative image (i.e. 2"x3" negative)

      $ 5.00 per large format negative image (i.e. 4"x6" negative)

Mobile Notary Service

Please contact us for pricing  

*Digital formats are accessible from TVs/DVD players with USB capability as well as upload and email friendly.  

Note: Media will be loaded onto customer provided sealed storage device. USB Thumb drives are also available for purchase.

Note: Although our best efforts will be taken to ensure the highest quality conversion results, film degrades over time.

Note: We are unable to provide Super 8/8mm conversion with recorded sound. 

Note: After payment has been received, and all digital/DVD content has been delivered to the customer, all retained digital footage in the possession of Smoky Mountain Media Preservation LLC will be permanently deleted. 

Note: We are unable to copy or reproduce copyrighted material.